Goodbye Beverly Hills 90210 & THANK YOU

Last night i watched the very LAST episode of Beverly Hills 90210.

That was the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do - i cried my eyes out!

I never grew up watching the show….infact i wasnt even born when it started but a couple of years ago i began to buy the DVDs in order and it is so tough for me to say that it is now OVER! (Eventhough technically it ended 13 years ago - to me it ended last night).

I cannot even begin to describe how sad i feel right now, i went to bed in tears and woke up this morning yet again in tears.

This show has brought me so many great memories that i will cherish forever! I am so glad that i decided to begin watching Beverly Hills 90210.

It is so hard for me to put into words how much i love this show, it truly is but i just wanted you all to know that it taught me so much, gave me so much laughter and tears and it is not just a TV show to me it is the greatest show of all time!

I LOVE ALL THE ACTORS on the Beverly Hills 90210. Although some came and went, it still remained fantastic!

So to all the actors & Aaron Spelling and just everybody who was connected to the show in anyway shape of form, I truly TRULY THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! And I will ALWAYS appreciate you all! xxxxxxx

There will never be another show quite like this. With a very heavy heart it is so very hard for me to say ‘goodbye’….so i wont. x It literally hurts to say goodbye. Especially when i think about the last scene were everybody is dancing and you can see the cast crying and hugging each other - and then to make me break down even more, the theme tune begins to play and everything goes in slow motion…i cant even type that or think about that scene without getting choked up! It literally breaks my heart!!!!! :’(

And also when Aaron Spelling watches the video tape (on the extras section ‘The Final Goodbye’) were all the cast are saying how much the show meant to them and they are all saying their thank you’s to him. And you just see the look on Aaron Spelling’s face….its so moving! xxxx

The hardest thing that you could ever do is say goodbye to your favourite TV show….i just keep thinking about all the great memories! :) The summer memories, the christmas memories, halloween, thanksgiving and all inbetween….oh so many!

I will keep my Beverly Hils 90210 DVDs forever….hopefully one day my future kids (many many many MANY YEARS from now lol) will watch them all and enjoy it just as much as i did!

But i’ll never ever forget how much this show has meant to me and the joy it has brought me over the years. THANK YOU and from the bottom of my heart I LOVE YOU (cast members) xxxxxxx


Surah Swaleh


^^^^ My BH90210 - DVD Collection xxxx

Whenever I hear the theme tune, i know i am going to cry cry cry my eyes out again! x


OH MY GOD JASON PRIESTLEY (Brandon) RESPONDED!!!! :) :-D xxxxxxx


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